Interventions, Boilermaking, Welding and Metal-mechanics


TIG Welding Electrode

Certified in TIG and ELECTRODE in all 6G / 6GR positions in carbon steel alloys, stainless steel (including food industry), aluminum, titanium, duplex, super duplex, nickel and chrome.

MIG/MAG Welding

With certification in the semiautomatic process, positions from 4G to 6GR, all wires from 135 to 138 and their respective similar ones, with or without self-protection (process 114) and alloys of varied ranges.

Orbital Welding and Submerged Arc

Tig orbital and submerged arc specialized in stainless steel and carbon steel.

Piping Professionals

Piping assemblers by the system of isometric drawings in materials of various metallic alloys, including stainless steel in various thicknesses.


Locksmithing in general for pre-fabrication, assembly, dismantling and maintenance of metal structures.

Industrial / Naval Boilermaking

Multipurpose professionals in assembly, repair of specific structures in industrial, gas / oil and naval plating.

Industrial mechanics and electricians

Professionals skilled in the assembly of industrial equipment and automation.

General Helpers

For the respective projects, we have trained helpers and with experience in all areas of operation.

Other services

Civil Construction in general with professional trolleys (masons), carpenters of formwork and **clean, tilers, azulejistas, painters. Contact us.


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Ariége, France

Ducts, piping and equipment


La Rochelle, France

Boilermaking and piping

Chemical plant, Portugal

Boilermaking and piping

Dairy factory, Portugal


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  • August/2016

    The beginning

    INCASOMETAL is a Portuguese company, founded in August 2016 focused on providing services and providing skilled labor.

  • Partnership

    The company came about through the partnership of three professional welders, with vast experience of work in the fields of metal mechanics, naval and civil construction.

  • Excellence

    We are dedicated exclusively to the sector of the metal-mechanic industry, naval and civil construction. Focusing on the quality and excellence of the same in the services of national and international service.

  • Goal

    Due to the practical knowledge in the work that our clients perform and knowing the need for a skilled workforce, our goal is to provide the most qualified and responsible professionals in the market to carry out the most diverse types of projects in our area.

  • Growth

    In 2021 we complete 5 years of constant growth.

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    of our


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Oil & Gas

Nuclear industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Food industry

Naval industry

Boiler shop

Industrial maintenence

Metallic structures


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